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Full Version: Pics of KittyCatS WinterWonderland contest 2016
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Time to do some pics!

Number One: Its Neckcadavers funky space themed display.
Kayla got a cooler GIF version in her post, but this is how it looks when
you first see it.
[Image: 1aNeckcadaver.jpg]

Then the screen goes clear and you end up with these guys!

[Image: 1Neckcadaver.jpg]

Next is number 2 by Sweetsorrow. A Christmas bedroom motif.

[Image: 2asweetsorrowsone.jpg]

Somebody stopped by and was checking it out!

[Image: 2sweetsorrowsone.jpg]

Next up is Michelle at number 3, with some Christmas trees.

[Image: 3bmichelle.jpg]

Up close we find some colorful kittehs preparing for a snowball fight.

[Image: 3amichelle.jpg]

Coming up at number 4 is Baycitydudes cats observing a Santa flyby.

[Image: 4baycitydude.jpg]

Its an animated scene, with a Santa sleigh that crosses the sky!

[Image: 4abaycitydude.jpg]

At number 5 is Lavitaloca Vita's lion in a snowglobe

[Image: 5avitaloca%20Vita_001.jpg]

Its got some pink kitteh hanging out and one KittyCatS jumping out of the scene!
Must be nervous about the lion, or doesn't want to get stuck in a snowglobe!

[Image: 5aavitaloca%20Vita.jpg]

At number 6 we have Emilianne's Sleigh ride booth

[Image: 6Emilianne.jpg]

Complete with snack serving kitteh's, yes theres cookies over there.

[Image: 6aEmilianne.jpg]

Next up we have Melodiesunshine's number 7 candycane igloo

[Image: 7melodiesunshine.jpg]

Not sure what those Santa cats are plotting!

[Image: 7amelodiesunshine.jpg]

Next is number 8 by Allison truelove an evergreeny snow scene

[Image: 8allisontruelove.jpg]

Up close we find a cat building a snowman, another cat in some kind of manger
and whats over there, a rabbit getting in on the scene.

[Image: 8Aallisontruelove.jpg]

Marquis DeSade Justine comes in with number 9, a white snowscape.

[Image: 9MarquisdeSadeJustine.jpg]

I rather enjoy this one ( hits the vote button) as when you look closer
you find some cool kittehs in the tree branches!

[Image: 9AMarquisdeSadeJustine.jpg]

Cool stuff.

[Image: 9BMarquisdeSadeJustine.jpg]

Where am I at? Number 10! How could I forget.
Winter is coming. Its the GAME OF THRONES cat version by Inanna andel.

[Image: 10inanna%20andel.jpg]

Yah, theres a dragon involved. And an official KittyCatS watches with glee as the mutant knockoff cat gets TOASTED!

[Image: 10Ainanna%20andel.jpg]

Breigette brings up number 11. Its colorful. But what the heck is going
on down there! Trees knocked down, snowmen knocked over! A wanted poster
mentions that this KittyCatS has been impersonating Santa Claus!

[Image: 11Briegette.jpg]

Oh man! Hes got DOGS pulling a sleigh through town, trashing the place!
At least hes putting the dogs in their place!

[Image: 11aBriegette.jpg]

Yah, theres the culprit. Probly had a few CATNIP cocktails before he got behind
the reins. Even got his snacks in the sleigh.

[Image: 11bBriegette.jpg]

HappyDaize shows up at number12. Looking kinda classy and understated,
if we ignore the REINDEERS IN THE LIVING ROOM. It coulda been
grandmas house. Even has some prose outside.

[Image: 12HappyDaize.jpg]

Get closer and we find CHAOS INSIDE! Some cat eating a COOKIE! And
another whacking around a Christmas ornament! The reindeer are involved

[Image: 12aHappyDaize.jpg]

Citizen Mondays number 13 looks like a visit to the mall!

[Image: 13CitizenMonday.jpg]

Get closer and we have Santa waiting for you to sit on his lap! Kayla went TWICE!

[Image: 13aCitizenMonday.jpg]

Number 14 is Arrella Ohmai's, with its snow globe vibe!

[Image: 14Arella%20Ohmai.jpg]

Up close we find some dancing mews!

[Image: 14aArella%20Ohmai.jpg]

5ynester Blackburn holds the number 15 spot.

[Image: 155ynester%20Blackburn.jpg]

We zoom in to find Christmas wrapping cats taking a smooch break under
the mistletoe!

[Image: 15a5ynester%20Blackburn.jpg]

rhapsodylyn is number 16!

[Image: 16rhapsodylyn.jpg]

Looks like a unicorn cat is guarding the naughty list.

[Image: 16Arhapsodylyn.jpg]

Next we go into AirliaNWinters living room at number 17 where
the Claus is making a visit!

[Image: 17AirliaNWinters.jpg]

Some megapusses and a dinky silent night mew wait by the fireplace

[Image: 17aAirliaNWinters.jpg]

Number 18 is our Winter/Woodrunner production of DREAM KITTEH.
Where we meet a poor alley cat snoozing in a box, with dream spheres
emitting from its head!

[Image: 18BWinter%20Phoenix.jpg]

We follow the trail up to the dreamkittys wild FANTASY DREAMSCAPE!
Giant goldfish, jumbo mouse, riding rockers, a box of kibbles bigger than he is, and a two gallon drum
of happy juice hoovering in the clouds. St Nick checking you off the nice list, what else could he want???

[Image: 18aWinter%20Phoenix.jpg]

Does Santa really think the kitteh is gonna like the friggin pink yarn ball?
Has Santa seen the dreamscape and is just being sarcastic?
Will Rudolfs X-box solve the problem??

[Image: 18CWinter%20Phoenix.jpg]

I tend to believe that the kitteh will still be thrilled with the yarn ball.
Hope you liked our display, we just like to do this stuff.
Yah, you can ride the big goldfish and sit on the rocking horses...errrr, rocking bird?


[Image: 18Winter%20Phoenix.jpg]

Dodgelover whipped up number 19. The polar bear VS KittyCatS snowball fight.
This is the one where Advena and Amber were beating each other up in the snow in
one of my previous pics.
Cool poseballs in here!

[Image: 19dodgelover.jpg]

Betcha a nickel the polar bears LOSE!

[Image: 19Bdodgelover.jpg]

20 by CarlottaAdagio, Megas haul a christmas tree around while other cats fall off the sled.

[Image: 20.jpg]

So heavy they are sinking waist deep in the snow! Do they sell KittyCatS boots?

[Image: 20a.jpg]

And finally we have Pam Tigerauges number 21! Pam always puts out decent stuff!

[Image: 21PamTigerauge.jpg]

Here she demonstrates that Kitteh and polar bears can co-exist in peace and long as there are
TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS! But wait, arnt these polar bears???
I wanna know where all the COKE products are! Make mine a COKE ZERO!

[Image: 21aPamTigerauge.jpg]

Well that looks like it! Till next time... STAY CREATIVE!

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