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Full Version: Muh Babies, Snoozin'!
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[Image: 74319_5d3d.png?c=b0bb]

[Image: 74321_f08d.png?c=aa27]

[Image: 7432d_c3ac.png?c=56ad]

[Image: 74349_7b60.png?c=c11f]

[Image: 7431d_5045.png?c=93bb]

[Image: 74329_9544.png?c=07d5]

[Image: 7434d_92ff.png?c=f74a]

[Image: 74351_0437.png?c=d95b]

Big Grin
Woa some are cool especially the electric one ... Dodgy
(10-21-2016 05:15 PM)BlancheEpiphanie Resident Wrote: [ -> ]Woa some are cool especially the electric one ... Dodgy

Smile Thanks! ...Those are just the names I gave them. Electric-Noir is a Hell-O-Kitteh. I found her, using this The KittyCatS! Secondary Market Page ... I bought her inworld, there is still another one there at the store if you want one too, can't remember exactly which store I got her from, but I don't even think I went past the "I"s to get to her. The boxes were set up on a wall, and kind of form a "family tree" - look towards the top ...hope that helps! Cool
Awww, your sleeping babies look so cute!
(10-28-2016 01:46 PM)Kayla Woodrunner Wrote: [ -> ]Awww, your sleeping babies look so cute!

Thankies, Kayla Heart
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