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Full Version: 'Hold" command fails if Cats 'jump' en route to av
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When I interact to hold a cat, and it needs to jump off of a platform or object to reach you, the cats all stop and sit after... and never do attach until I go through the menu and again try to hold them.

I've just had that happen with six different cats here at the Saga project parcel. They were on a low prim platform, hesitate and jump off to get to my avatar. and after the jump they all just sit down and groom or whatever. It seems that when they hit that jump animation, it then shuts off the original hold command sequence of animation.

Once I again go to menu and try to 'hold' the cat, it does finally attach. But the original command fails/times out after the 'jump' animation the cats do when leaving the platform.
Hi HappyDaize,

Thanks for reporting.

I reviewed this issue with someone who reported it in-world before, and a fix is on the way.

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