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Full Version: LIVE CATS for sale!
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Downsizing my cattery, these great kitties for sale limited time!

Fur: Chateau Cat - Black & White No. 1
Eyes: Galaxy Trip (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Chop Chop
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: Latte (Shape: Stubby)
Size: 48 cm (18.8 inch)

8T girl
Fur: Foxie - Salt & Pepper Mask
Eyes: Dry Olive (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Flair
Tail: Lush
Ears: Boo Boo
Whiskers: Latte (Shape: Sassy)
Size: 44 cm (17.3 inch)

8T boy
Fur: Burmese - Platinum
Eyes: Exotic Breeze (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Blush
Tail: Mysterious
Ears: Scotty Fold
Whiskers: Latte (Shape: Dreamy)
Size: 46 cm (18.1 inch)

9T girl
Fur: Abyssinian - Ruddy
Eyes: Galaxy Moon (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Glitter
Tail: Curious
Ears: Scotty Fold
Whiskers: Blonde Streaked (Shape: Dreamy)
Size: 43 cm (16.9 inch)

7T boy
Fur: Snowshoe - Red
Eyes: Odyssey Bellini (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Puff
Ears: Soft Curl
Whiskers: Latte (Shape: Snappy)
Size: 48 cm (18.8 inch)

Mad Loving Cats!
more kitties added!
still live cats available! My store has moved to a new location - Thank you all for your time and interest!
many live kitties looking for new homes now! @ CatTales love area!
Three cats left plus I've just put out a 9T Cream & White boy with Dreamy Fold ears and Crystal Dream eyes!
more live kitties!
still cats available!
more kitties added!
a lovely snowshoe red boy added
bumps up
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