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Full Version: ♂ Fancie Abyssinian - Radiant Rose Plus Over 4000 - 9T's
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Occasionally your will notice a jewel hovering over your new born boxes, or in the box list in the Cattery.
There are 3 types of jewels: Diamonds, Rubies & Emeralds.

You can collect your jewels in Jewel Collection boxes, available at the KittyCatS! store.
When you collected 10 Diamonds, 20 Rubies or 30 Emeralds you can convert your Jewel Collection box to a Fancie.

The offspring of Fancie cats will always come with a new jewel.

Over 3000 - 9 Traited Lucky Chairs, Random Dip, Live Demo's
Great kittens all 9t no exceptions. Beautiful eyes and furs, come try your luck
Machines vary in price 300, 500 with emeralds included and 1000 with rubies included. Come check us out. Breeder of over 4 years in sl, come see what we have in stock.. Big smiles im me for assistance anytime , ty Judysl

A small sample of what we stock

Auss Blue Chocolate Tipped Ody Frazzywave (JSL) 9T
Aby DC Double Odyssey Peace Dreamy (JSL) 9T
TBlue Dreamy Scotty Fold Flame Ody Frazzy (JSL) 9T
Wild Soft Curl Chocolate Light Wave (JSL) 9T
Aust Fawn Dry Olive Posh Scotty Dark Choc (JSL) 9T
Burm Choc Exotic Treasure Puff SC Dreamy (JSL) 9T
Tonk Champ Onyx Dusky Dreamy (JSL) 9T
Aust Snow Crystal Dream SC (JSL) 9T
Aby DC Crystal Berry Dream Scotty Choc (JSL) 9T
Bengal Bk Fancie Teal Diam Chocolate (JSL) 9T
Bengal Copper Crystal Sea Porc TC WT Choc (JSL) 9T
Aussie Blue Sparkle Dream SC Puff Bdst (JSL) 9T
Aust Blue Tranquility Porc SC Bdst (JSL) 9T
Aby DC Tranquility MOF Latte (JSL) 9T
Aussie DC Exotic Journey Wild Tiger Bdst (JSL) 9T
Tonkinesse Natural SC Latte (JSL) 9T
Auss Blue Chocolate Tipped Ody Frazzywave (JSL) 9T

Brand New - Six Lucky Dip Machines Loaded with 9T Kittens
Prices to Play 100 lindens - odds 1 to 3
200 lindens - odds 1 to 2
300 lindens - odds 1 to 1


ps. Buyer of Jewels
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Judysl's 'KittyCatS Box - Fancie Abyssinian - Radiant Rose'

♂ Fancie Abyssinian - Radiant Rose

Fur: Fancie Abyssinian - Radiant Rose
Eyes: Fancie Rose Diamond (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Fancie)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Plush
Ears: Soft Fold
Whiskers: Rose Tipped (Shape: Plush)
Size: Normal
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