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Full Version: ~Clearance Summer Sale still going on!! Just added more!~
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Clearance summer sale is still going on!
Just added many more kitties and lowered the prices more.

+ 9T Burmilla Choco 950L
+ Double dreamy hider ( also hiding scotty/Fluffy )
+ 4T Buttterscotch wisker 650L
+ 6T Burmilla Choco with Scotty fold 700L
+ 8T Ausi DC w/Scotty/ Fluffy 400L
+ Moss eye hider 600L
+ Cream wisker / Dreamy fold/ Choco Tipped
ALL 200L and Up

+ Ruby 1900L

and many more!!

TAXI to KaThY's Cute KittyCaTs on Secret smiles sim

+++ New Shops +++

Also please come to check my new shops as well

TAXI to KaThY's Cute KittyCaTs on Adorable pets sim

TAXI to KaThY's Cute KittyCaTs on Solaris sim
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