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Full Version: CatTales KittyCats Market - 1000 Prim Rental Avail!
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[Image: 0d279b_bb17219e36cc454b8b588a3ade3b34b6~mv2.png]

CatTales is offering 1000 prim rentals and we have one available! You are allowed 30 live kitties to be roaming about, ocean view. Residential only (you are allowed to have a kitty shop if you wish).
1000prims/1000L per week.

Welcome Center!

Adoption Center - Everyone can use this area!

Sell Your KittyCats Gems - Everyone can use this area!
Two spots each to start please!

Weekly Auctions that bring patrons to our sim and your shop

KittyCats Information HUB-all things KittyCats!

Not sure where things are? You can always ask any member of the CatTales Team or check out the Orientation Quest at the Welcome Center!

bumps up
I sell all the time here, i love it!
Bumps up
buumps up!
Bumps bumps bumps!
wow lots going on, the new area is awesome! and filling up fast!
bumps up
Yay lots of good stuff going on!!
almost filled up again!
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