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Full Version: KittyCatS Gacha sale
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I had many new born kittycats boxes in my cattery and I thought I would make a fun way to get them sold instead of them laying and getting dusty as they have for a while Blush

I set them sold in the Marketplace in 3 different listings. Here is link to my store BlueKitty

There are big variety and mix of breeds, eyes, shades, ears, whiskers, tails and sizes.
There are also many retired furs, eyes and ear shapes and I think there was also some retired tails.
The cats are from 0T to 10T. There are not many with just the 0. I would say that most are 3-6T.

And like in all gachas, I added some really special cat boxes in them like Love letters, Dead Doll, Steampunks and some more.
I also added the 2 rubies I had.

I hope you will be lucky and get a nice new kitty to cuddle with

With Heart

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