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Full Version: Be Mine ~ Hello June! ~ Last Day!!!
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LAST DAY of our highly successful and popular 'Be Mine' event, Hello June! Check on all the amazing KittyCatS! on sale and grab these bargains while you can!

Check out the 'Be Mine' KittyCatS! listings here >>>

A wonderful collection of special kitties, specially priced will be promoted during this event. Our renters will be selecting and displaying a KittyCat! of their choice, outside their stores, and marking it down by 50%! This is a wonderful way of showcasing beautiful kitties this summer. And a great opportunity for everyone, breeders and enthusiasts alike to acquire such special KittyCatS!

Check out our webpage for further information:
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Or take a stroll around our beautiful sims and find the 'Be Mine' KittyCatS! sitting on their stools outside our renters' stores and carts >>>

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Smile BE MINE Is a great event don't miss it!!! Lots of great cats and fun shopping!
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