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Full Version: Instructions on Marketplace listings
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I couldn't find any discussion on this specific subject and I'd like to list at least a hundred boxes on the marketplace. Magic box ain't required anymore and I'm on Firestorm viewer. How do I do? Thanks for your help.
(06-15-2016 04:38 AM)Reven Rosca Wrote: [ -> ]LL has mase a series of tutorial videos that may be helpful.

Second Life Viewer-Managed Marketplace: Pt. 1 - Learning Listing, Version & Stock Folders

Second Life Viewer-Managed Marketplace: Pt. 2 - Creating a New Listing

Second Life Viewer-Managed Marketplace: Pt. 3 - Updating a Listing

There is a fourth, covering migration from magic boxes. That process is obsolete now.

Thanks, I was wondering if third party viewers have this or do I have to download another viewer just for mp?
All current viewers can use the Viewer Managed Marketplace.
Some third party viewers may not have the functionality if they haven't been updated since last summer.
I use Firestorm and they do have this capability. I've not had any issues doing this.
SL Viewer, Firestorm, and CoolVL definitely have VMM capability. Singularity is working on implementing it; I don't know if their test versions have it yet.

In SL Viewer and Firestorm you open a floater and work on your Marketplace inventory there. In CoolVL you drag and drop to the folder in your inventory and work on the items there.
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