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Full Version: Brand New Owner With A Couple Of Questions
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Hello, everyone...Smile

I recently got two Starter cats for myself and my partner and I have a couple of questions I couldn't find answers to in the manual and wondered if anyone could help me.

First, if I Pet my partner's cat, in any of the menu's modes such as Playful, will it increase his Happiness? I tried this at length last night and his Happiness never increased, but his Energy was down around 15%, so I thought this might be a reason why it didn't go up.

Second, will the two interact with each other at any time? So far, they seem to avoid one another and stay to themselves. We both have scratching posts out and I have a laundry basket, but my partner's kitten won't interact with the basket at all while mine's been in it a few times. I was wondering if this is just because they're still kittens and it might change once they have grown or was there some setting we were missing.

Thank you for any help you may provide. We're really enjoying watching and interacting with our KittyCats and look forward to watching them grow. Smile
Welcome to the addicted world of KittyCats!

To answer the first question, sadly we cannot raise the happines of cats that we do not own. The petting feature is just a cute add on for display or if you want to hang out with the kitties!

Regarding the laundry basket, I am not certain, I assumed all cats would be drawn to it no matter the owner butI could be wrong. It wont matter if a cat is young or old either.

Hope that helps a bit and looking forward to hear more of the new kitty adventures!

Happy Breeding! ^^
Mizaki, thank you so much for the answers. Smile

It's too bad that any interaction doesn't increase their Happiness. Sad I have more time to interact with the kittens, but I'm sure she will make time to ensure it stays happy. Smile

As for the basket, I thought maybe it was like the Starter food...only for your cat and once they mature in 7 days, then they both will enjoy it. I guess we'll see soon.

Again, thanks for the quick response. Smile
Haha, no problem at all, the laundry basket is just a cute add on if you enjoy watching the kittycats in world running about. Another way to increase happiness without interaction is to feed them milk, that would keep thier happy levels high.

It would be cool though if we were allowed to affect other peoples cats or help with the partnering and breeding.
Hi !

The interactive toys will be used by cats owned by the same avatar as the toys only.

Cats do interact with each other, randomly, same as when they use the toys.

Hikari Smile
I am curious where to get the Laundry Basket and other interactive items to boost my cats happiness if I am away. Could you link me up?

Thank you,
The laundry basket and 3 styles of scratching posts can be found in the courtyard of the main KittyCats store. Smile
But they don't raise the cats' happiness, only the owner's. ^^
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