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Full Version: Most of my cats are on sale!! Limited Editions, Retired, Permapets,Boxed Traited!! :)
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--> Here you can find all these kittens for sale! Smile <---

~~~~~ B O X ~~~~~
Heart NutCracker SweetS!
Heart Lucky Leopard
Heart Chocolate BunnyCat - Green
Heart Chocolate BunnyCat - Purple
Heart Megapuss!
Heart Bengal Blacks with Black Whiskers Smile
Heart Burmilla - Black Silver Shaded
Heart Chocolate Tipped!
Heart Australian Mist - Dark Chocolate
Heart British Shorthair - Cream & White

~~~~~ PERMA-PET ~~~~~
Heart Fancie Ocicat - Pink Champagne
Heart Dreams Of Eire
Heart Love Leopard - Wild Thing - Light Ambrosia
Heart RFL - Century Of Hope - Lad
Heart KittyCatS! 4th Birthday - Coral
Heart hApPy biRtHdaY! - SL12B - Dreamy Lime *SOLD*
Heart Delectable Darling - Dark Decadence
Heart Delectable Darling - Coconut Milk

~~~~~ RETIRED ~~~~~
Heart Purr BallS! - Silent Night
Heart CookieCat - Messy
Heart CookieCat - Yummy
Heart fOrGet-ME-nOt! - Beauty
Heart LoVe BuGS! - The Lover
Heart Love Leopard - Wild Thing - HuckleBerry
Heart FlowerS & ShowerS - Sunshine
Heart Rainy DayDream - Gold (boy)
Heart World Soccer 2014 - Team Abby
Heart New Year Peace - Water
Heart Fancie Ocicat - Pink Champagne
Heart Mummy Mia! - Pumpkin Puke
Heart MummyStein
Heart Silly SpOOkS! - PePPy
Heart ScaredyTatS! - Skullectible Vision
Heart FrankenKitty - Barky
Heart Day Of The Dead - Black
Heart cRaZy lOVe - Dressed To Kill

Meow Bump Meow!
Miao! Smile
Miao Miao
mIAO mIAo mIAo
Up Up and Meow Smile
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