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Full Version: L&S Store Revamp Sale 70+ Cats Less Than 200L
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Hey All,

We recently gave our store a make over. Lining cats up and organizing them for better viewing and easier to find what you are looking for. We currently have 70+ cats (Mostly 9T) on sale for under 200L each. We have a wide selection of breeds and traits available and being added to almost daily!
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[Image: catshop1.png]

Bigger de Big, Petities, Toys, Teacups Click here to teleport
[Image: catshop3.png]

Gacha Kitties! Click here to teleport
[Image: catshop2.png]

Group Gifts Click here to teleport
[Image: catshop5.png]

Pod ride to our other shop on neighboring sim Click here to teleport
[Image: catshop4.png]
Foxie Cocoa & Creams
Foxie Blondies
Snowshoe Creams

All on sale, over stocked.
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