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Full Version: Arwen's Kitties Store GALAXY STAR instore now
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Arwen's Kitties Store is now open and stocked.
More stock coming daily so be sure to check back often.

heres a small selection of whats available
Blue Mink with Tranquility Eyes
Tonkinese Champagne
Retired Pandie Flame
Russians in all colours with awesome eyes
A selection of boxed collection and surprise births
Teacups, Toys, Petites & Bigger De Bigs

all this and more, lots of old favourites
Come and check it out at
More boxes added this weekend
Foxie Argyles
Foxie Cocoa Cream
Australian Mist Dark Chocolate

Check out the spring sale at the front of the store.
Prices start at 75L$
New Stock added including
Verdant Eye
Chic Tail
Cream Whiskers
potential Wild tail hiders
Main Coons
Chateau Cats

More cats added Daily

Also now at UKF
Galaxy Star in store now
Live girl 4 days old
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