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Full Version: A few Kittycats for Sale (99-300L)
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Hi, I have a few kittycats few sale at the moment;

*Fur: Burmese - Blue, Tail: Boo Boo, Ears: Wild Tiger
*Fur: Bengal - Silver (Retired)
*Fur: Abyssinian - Fawn, Tail: Frisky, Ears: Odyssey Boo Boo
*Fur: Genesis - Smokey V, Tail: Plush
*Fur: Bengal - Tawny, Eyes: Beach Blue, Tail: Frisky, Ears: Pointed Soft Fold
*Fur: Bengal - Tawny, Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Boo Boo)
*Fur: Bengal - Snow, Eyes: Jade, Tail: Big Boo Boo, Ears: Rounded

And one Genesis Bandit (Teacup) and another Genesis (Pearl)

Hopefully you'll find something you're looking for Smile
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