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Full Version: Spring-themed Collectibles (Lazy Dayzies, Baroque, etc)
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Spring is in the air, and Springtime collectibles are available at my shop. Here's a sample:

♂ FlowerS & ShowerS - Showers [Retired] L$1,499
♀ Delectable Darling - Dark Decadence [Retired] L$1,999
♂ Scrambled EggS! - Florentine (Toy) [Retired] L$1,999
♂ LoVe BeeS! - Rainbow Sherbet [Retired] L$2,999
♂ Lazy Dayzies - Poetic Day [Retired] Open to offers
♀ Lazy Dayzies - Sunny Day [Retired] Open to offers
♂ St Patrick's 2014 Lucky [Box] L$1,999
♀ RomantiCatS! Precious Peasant [Box] L$1,499

There are plenty more on display, too. Prices open to negotiation.

♂ LoVe BeeS! - Rainbow Sherbet

& more available here:

I also have the entire Bold Love collection (L, O, V, & E) available. They are in cattery but I'd be happy to display them for you at your convenience. I'm only selling them as a full set, looking for L$5K or a reasonable offer. Let me know. Smile
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