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Full Version: Kitties and More Kitties! SALE SALE SALE!!!
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PRE-St. Patricks Day SALE!

FOXIE- COCOA CREAMS 99% are 9T and all but a few are 199L!

Come check it out! We also have MANY other GOOD priced kitties too!

[Image: N4KsSQWW.jpg]

Come see us @ L&S - Leth and Sassy's Shop

(click the link below)

Swing on by and check out those Foxie- Cocoa's! Also, Pandie - Ebony & Ivory all 9T with Lucky Irish Clover/Exoctic Sea or Royal Sapphire eyes are priced to sale!

Too Adorabale Bid Board #1:
MEGA- Foxie Blondie 9T Male
Teacup - Foxie Blondie 9T Female

(Click the L&S Shop Link Below)

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