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Full Version: Cute boxed collectibles!
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Cute BOXED Collectibles for You

(♥) World Soccer 2014 - Team Bali
(♥) RomantiCatS! - Precious Peasant
(♥) Garden Party - Tutti Frutti Boy
(♥) ScaredyTats - Tricky Treat
(♥) Silly Spooks - Skelebow
(♥) Forget Me Not - Beauty
(♥) St Patrick's 2014 - Lucky Boy
(♥) Hard Boiled Bunny - Crazy Blue Dots

Special Size

(♥) Mardi Gras 2014 (Toy)
(♥) Purr Balls - Silent Night (Bigger de Big)
(♥) New Year Peace - Water (Toy)
(♥) Nutcracker Sweets - Platinum Prince (Toy)

If you like the cat but don't like the price, send a notecard (not IM) with an offer.

These cats are still available.

Looking for a better price? Contact me with a note card. There's even a drop-in mail box at my shop. I'm also willing to consider trades for similar cats. Smile
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