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Full Version: Kitty Twister Auction Tuesday Night 6pm!
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Kitty Twister Cocktail Lounge Auction! At our NEW Location!
Next Auction is March 24th at 6 pm - with Rayne and Lady Navaar
This Auction has 15 Panels!
Panel Decoration Contest: Kitties Just want to Have Fun

Panel 1 Full Siblings Abyssian Black Silver with Rock Turquoise eyes
Panel 2 M 9T Foxie Dusty Slate with Soul Whisper eyes
Panel 3 Full Sibling Abyssian Dark Chocolate with Prismatic eyes
Panel 4 9T F Toyger Snow with Exotic Seas eyes
Panel 5 8T M Bengal Snow with Blush Quartz Eyes
Panel 6 6T M Gen Ginger with Blinking Ocopus Eyes
Panel 7 5T F Ocicat Platinum with Gen Bronze Eyes
Panel 8 8T F Abyssinian Platinum with Gen Ody 2 eyes
Panel 9 Mystery Box
Panel 10 9T M Cream Tabby with Dreamy Hideaway Eyes
Panel 11 TBD
Panel 12 9T F Tinger Dusky Winkle with Twilight Eyes
Panel 13 8T F Tawny and White with Crystal Crush eyes
Panel 14 9T M Russian Black with Grey Matter Eyes
Panel AP 9T 3 Spot No 1 with Grey Matter Eyes


Raffle Cat 69L to Enter
9T F Silver Tabby with Ody Rainbow Eyes

For more detailed infrormation about our line up you can check out our Togon's or Cat Mats pages!
Looking forward to it, our first ever patron auction!
New Kitties Listed for tomorrow
And that 7T F Gen Ginger 2 with Destiny Waters eyes is a Teacup DogCat HNY!
Updated for the Tuesday the 13th!
Yes that is right we are back and here are the kitties for the next auction!
a new week of kitties.
New Kitties! check them out
update for all the new kitties for tonight!
bump for new message
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