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Full Version: Cats and Tatts Shop - New Year Peace Cats
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We currently have 4 New Year Peace cats up for sale including a teacup at our shop Cats and Tatts. We have more on the way also, probably by tomorrow or Tuesday we should have another 6-8 of them.

We also have over 100 KittyCatS in stock at the moment with more on the way.
Shop is separated by Boys on the left and Girls on the right. Tattoos and other stuff on back wall.

Stop by and check it out. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year everyone!

[Image: xD2E5HL.png]
New MEGA up at the shop.
Mega is sold!

We only have 2 New Year Peace cats left come check it out.
One is a Foxie Cocoa Cream (9T)
and other is Chateau Coffee Cream No.1 (8T)

We also have 100+ other cats of many different breeds 95% 9T
Toys, Teacups, Petites, Normals

We also have 2 sets of twins.
One set is Identical 8T (Males) and other is Non Identical 9T (Male/Female)
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