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Full Version: Wed 6pm w/Nika & Rev @ The ScratchN Post Inc. ODY ADORE
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Nika & Revan Wed 6pm @ The ScratchN Post

Welcome to MEEWOW Wednesdays with Nika & Rev, 6pm the place to be is the ScratchN Post sim for Kitties, Giggles, Prizes and more. Come on join the delightful madness. Pure sugar filled madness!

Panel 1:
Chat 3 Spot No.1 Grape Ice Double Plush +4

Panel 2:
Chat Black & White No.1 Grotto +6

Panel 3:
9T American Shorthair Brown & White Patch Crystal Sea

Panel 4:
9T Tonkinese Blue Mink Dry Olive

Panel 5:
9T Burmese Champagne Tranquility

Bonus Panel:
Tonkinese Natural Mink Exotic Treasure +6

Panel 6:
9T Tonkinese Blue Mink Dry Olive

Panel 7:
Snowshoe Red Tapestry Organica +5

Panel 8:
Russian Black Exotic Journey +6

Panel 9:
9T Bengal Black Fancie Indigo Diamond

Panel 10:
Tonkinese Champagne Malachite +5

N Panel:
Australian Mist Fawn Exotic Breeze +6

V Panel:

9T Russian White Grotto
The Raffle is only 75L to enter and already running, you do not need to be there to win so come and enter now!!!

Lineup updated
Lineup updated
Lineup is completed
Lineup is completed
Slight change to lineup Smile
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