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Full Version: Confetti Pinkberry : Post your evidence here
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Let's see if we can make some positive progress in the confetti's dominance order by working together!

I will post this information i got about birthing a Pinkberry, i am still exploring to see if i can gain any more information i will birth the baby to breed back with it's father, although that will not tell me what the mother is hiding, at this point in time it's all i can do.

Rolando was not my boy, I bought him up somewhere in the marketplace. He has menagerie parents and is showing Blueberry. I am not sure of his hidden and can not test his parents.
Cocoberry the mom is another marketplace rescue, she is obviously hiding Pink or something more recessive.
Breeding back with dad eventually will more than likely yield blue or pink babies. I am not sure that either result gives me evidence.
[Image: 134b77240ce0c6da7ef95be3a2ca85cb.png]

Pink and Lime! From this, it looks like Lime MIGHT be recessive to pink. will be breeding back to check!
Pink is DOM to Lime

[Image: 8605fd78a194a01a5bf5318cf4255772.png]
Looking like the Limeberry is recessive to Pink!!!!!!!!! whooo hoooo! nice job Aly!
Ages past the chart but since it seemed like it was confused for a short bit, here is a quick analysis for latecomers (like me)

First chart on the right
Dancer Mom shows Cocoberry
Pancer Dad shows Cocoberry
Dasher shows Pinkberry
So at this point either Mom or Dad hides Pinkberry and the other one hides Pinkberry or more recessive

Same chart
Dancer Mom shows Cocoberry and is paired with her son Dasher
Dasher shows Pinkberry
Their child "Too many cookies" shows Limeberry
That means Pancer was the one with Pinkberry as the hid because if Mom Dancer had Pinkberry, it would have shown on the baby. Therefore both Dancer and Dasher threw their hid and it was the same hid, Limeberry
Since both Dancer and Dasher threw their hids and it was the same hid, "Too many Cookies" is a pure Limeberry

Now we know Pancer hides Pinkberry
Dancer hides Limeberry
Limeberry is recessive to Pinkberry

2nd chart
Dasher's name is change to Pink Star but ID # remains the same
"Too Many Cookies" name changed to Lime Star but ID # remains the same
Pink Star and Lime Star are paired
Pink Star shows Pinkberry hides Limeberry
Lime Star shows Limeberry hides Limeberry
this was proven in chart #1
Their baby shows Pinkberry and hides Limeberry because Pink Star threw his shown and Lime Star threw either her shown or hid but either way it's Limeberry

Saga 7/16/16 PinkBerry rec PlumBerry
Saga 11/23/16 PinkBerry rec GrapeBerry
forum 12/18/15 Pinkberry dom Limeberry
Forum 1/15/17 Tealberry dom Pinkberry

PinkBerry rec PlumBerry rec to Blueberry
PinkBerry rec GrapeBerry rec to blueberry, orangeberry, plumberry, appleberry, cherryberry, lemonberry

Pinkberry dom Tealberry
Pinkberry dom Limeberry

done rec to blueberry
done rec to orangeberry
done rec to plumberry
done rec to cherryberry
done rec to appleberry
done rec to lemonberry
done rec to grapeberry
done rec to tealberry
done dom to limeberry

Pinkberry rec to blueberry, orangeberry, plumberry, cherryberry, appleberry, lemonberry, grapeberry, tealberry
Pinkberry dom to limeberry

Pinkberry is done.
this is what i have on pink and teal

[Image: ukc8sQK.png]

will check to see if i have any more on that pairing
someone eles might have submitted becuase it is listed on Saga as
Teal < Pink < Lime
Ivy posted a proof on the Tealberry thread of Tealberry dominant to Pinkberry. I am posting it down below along with my analysis so it's on boht threads.

Thanks for posting all the charts. I'll have to go thorough them a little slower

It looks to me like it is chart 1 that does the trick. It is the Grandparents on the right side (Dad's side)

Left Side
Mom's mom Tank shows Plumberry
Mom's dad Focus shows Appleberry
Mom Keelee shows Plumberry, hides Appleberry or more recessive

Right Side
Dad's mom Carina shows Limeberry
Dad's dad Kai shows Tealberry
Dad Letitio shows Pinkberry
Pinkberry is dom to Limeberry; Tealberry is dom to Limeberry
There fore this proves Pinkberry is the hid of Tealberry and is recessive to Tealberry.

Keelee and Letitio had a Limeberry baby so both hide Limeberry. Alyssa had a proof on the Pinkberry thread, an independent proof proving Pinkberry dominant to Limeberry so all bases are covered.

thank you very much for posting the chart on the thread. I'll amend my previous post to show Pinkberry/Tealberry dominance. and on the Pinkberry thread.
[Image: XhHQfPo.png]
Hi everyone,
This pedigree contains no new information. This not my cat, nor my breeding. The retired cat is owned RagdollSession who gave me permission to publish it’s pedigree. (Though I don’t think she she bred this cat either.)
I am publishing it for the clarity it shows that Plum is dominant to pink and pink is dominant to Lime. I am publishing this info in Plum, Pink and lime Threads.[Image: 6ed506ad60fe7e28a92fe51232f6c172.png]
Thank you for posting hte chart Wildviolet and thank Ragdoll too!

Pinkberry is placed between Tealberry and Limeberry.
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