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Full Version: Ellen Ireland's Lucky KittyCats Auction - a new theme each week!
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Ellen Ireland's Lucky KittyCats Auction at The KittyBox is moving to 4 PM SLT, starting on Saturday, December 26, 2015!

We had fun the first day (and even did some dancing!) but the 3 PM schedule conflicts with another auction. It's tough to be in two places at once, even when you send an alt! So 4 PM it shall be.

For the holiday season, we have extended the special free panel offer. Panels are only 1L which will be automatically refunded, so come get one - but check out our theme first!

That's right, every week the Lucky KittyCats Auction will have a special theme.

Theme of the week for Saturday, December 26, 2015:

Bring me your toy-size cats! Any fur, any eye, any traits (but if you bring a low-T cat, then please set your opening bid appropriately), TOY SIZE.

Ellen Ireland's Lucky KittyCats Auction
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