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Full Version: Thursday 3pm at CatTales *Adorable kitties on every panel!*
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[Image: 0d279b_08b42147fafd4b40b87b5077a3bd4e48~mv2.jpg]

9T Tonk. Blue Mink Tortie w/Galaxy Orbit, 8T Toyger Coal w/Sparkle Dream and Plum Tipped Black,
9t Aby Black Silver w/Orangskies, 7T Cheetah LIme #2 w/Fancie Cobalt Diamond MEGAPUSS! See the complete line up below!

Raffle by Souly: 8T Foxie Soft Black-Exotic Breeze-Blush-Myst-MOF-Plush

Sneak Peek:

Hope to see you there!!
Will be a SIZES auction so bring your sized kittycats!
(12-15-2015 08:03 AM)Mirsoul Resident Wrote: [ -> ]My apologies in advance to all. My Thurday auction has been postponed until March 3rd due to my voice once again being on strike.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support!

Get well soon! Heart
What a great line up!
Foxie chestnut is pure too
Wow nice!
(12-15-2015 08:03 AM)Mirsoul Resident Wrote: [ -> ]Thursday's 3pm with Mirsoul.

8T Auss D Choc-Chang Leaf-Illume-Fluffy-Soft Curl-Latte D Plush PETITE
9T Aby Lilac-Gal Star-Flair-Fluffy-Ody 2-Latte OFW TOY
7T Tonk Blue-EJ-Swanky-MoF-Latte Stubby PETITE
9T Ben Black-Onyx-Illume-Myst-Vamp-Black BooBoo
9T Siam Choc Tort-Gal Burst-Blush-Fussy-Scotty-Latte BooBoo
8T SSH-EJ-blush-Fluffy-Scotty-BS Light Wave
9T Crm&Wht 1-EJ-Blush-BooBoo-Scotty-Latte Swanky Lite

AP: 9T Bali Crm-Plat-Twink-Frisky-Soft Curl-Blk Myst
Raffle: 8T Aby Dark-Tap Reef-Glitter-Drmy-OrF-Wht BooBoo

3:00 pm Thursday At CatTales
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