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Full Version: Well you better run and Hide...
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Well I have been gone for a bit of time. Some of you have noticed that my wife Hellcat (Vamps.Cheeky) and I are back in SL and breeding again on a small scale. (must not look at new traits, must stick to just 10 cats. must argh!!) So yes after two years I seen that many things have changed and some of the little things that I enjoyed doing while being an auctioneer is no longer happening **sigh** I miss the little stories that would help sell the kitty. (don't worry I will bring it back!!) but I just wanted to say Hello everybody!! Hope to see you in world, at an auction or at a class. and yes Callie, our little girl is totally cute and if you see me online I have a picture for you!!

Rayne Broome. Former Auctioneer
aww, hugs to you!! have missed you!!! happy you are back!!!!! Smile
welcome back and congrats!
Glad to see the two of you back!! I miss "the deep dive notes" from Hellcat's auctions. Make sure to let me know when/if you two decide to call an auction or two....or three Big Grin Big Grin
Great to see you guys back! Smile
Well we are not going to run auctions for a bit. With the 2 year old running around and having off hours never know what will happen.. but I am staring to put cats up for auction!! and who knows I might sit in for someone some time. who knows.
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