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Full Version: One Week Only....The Return Of Guenevere's Kitty Camelot Outlet Sale!
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Hey everyone!!

For those who remember that long ago, when I was brand new to KittyCatS and had never done an auction or opened a store on a sim before, I hosted "Yard Sales" over on a little patch of Ivy Lane's sim!! Met many great people and helped some new breeders that way, without even knowing it. <3

It's been a long time, but I'm bringing the Guenevere's Kitty Camelot Outlet store back, for one week only!! Every box there is 50L-100L. All kinds of cool traits to be found, including Blue Marbles, Flame, Dreamy, and my trademark "Where'd you get that?" old furs and cool eyes.

Please make no mistake about it....these are trait boxes. Most were related to things I bred into the 9T cats I sell at auction and in my stores, but they're the starting point. You have to do your breeding to get what you want. These sales are great opportunities for new breeders, trait hunters, experiments, or if you just want a pretty cat to keep as a pet. Smile

Lots of cool stuff is hanging out at the Yard Sale, and if cats sell, they will be replaced with others during the week. If not, everything I don't need will be menageried because I LOVE MEGAS. Tongue

Even for traiit boxes, I'm practically giving away some very cool cats, so remember to show love to my tip jar. Most of you know what these cats are worth and what potential they have.

One woman's trash is actually pretty cool treasure, so come by and look around. Then look around the rest of Ivy's sim for some of her excellently bred cats!!

P.S. Some very lovely, fairly priced cats and accessories can be found at Guen and Ivy's UKF store, so do check those out too.

Time for a week long celebration of KittyCatS before autumn gets in full swing! It's been 9 great months with you guys, and nothing but love for this community!!

*~ Guen
Thanks! I got some Blue Marbles to work on breeding/traiting up, and a couple others that I might resell.

BTW - you might want to advertise it in the Affordable Kitties group if you haven't already.
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