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Full Version: Pretty Pink Pair - Sunset! + Sale
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Sunset Pair
? 9T P&W Perf.Sunset MOF Tw TigerCurl +2
? 8T P&W Sunset PSF (h. Wild Tiger) Shorty

Pinks on sale (up to 100L off):
? 9T P&W LtWash (ExoticBreeze) MOF TW
? 9T P&W Pft Huckleberry Twinkle SF_3
? 9T P&W Lt Wash MOF -Soft Curl Mom
? 9T P&W LtWash (ExoticBreeze) MOF TW Toy
? 9T P&W Lt. Wash Soft Curl Puff +3
Full Sib Pair
? ? 8T P&W WildCherrySm Illume PSF Black/Mysti

These and more available at:
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