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Full Version: Clearance Sale! Beautiful cats with different traits!
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"Soft kitty warm kitty" presents:

[Image: 119.gif]

Clearance Sale! Beautiful cats with different traits!

? 5T Aby Dark Choco Exotic Breeze Curious Latte Fussy (Hide Double Stubby)
? 7T Aby Dark Choco GROTTO Flair Frisky 2Tone Fussy (Hide Double Stubby)
? 6T Aby Dark Choco Morning Glory Soft Curl (Hide SCOTTY)
? 5T Aby Dark Choco GROTTO Frisky Latte Double Stubby

? 6T Bengal BLK Grotto Puff Rounded Fold Black
? 5T Bengal Black OdyBel Swanky Curios Latte
? 7T Bengal BLK MidnightSky Porcelain OBB
? 8T Bengal BLK CrystalSea Shorty PSF

? 7T Burmese Sable GROTTO MOF Black LightWave
? 8T Burmese Sable GROTTO Twinkle Myst MOF

? 8T Foxie SoftBlack StrawberryBel Twinkle MOF

? 9? Pandie Broun&W Canary Glitter Myst Dreamy Whis

? 7T Aby Rubby Strawberry Plush Rounded Fold Plush

? 5T Aussie BLUE Marble Sassy Whis

? 9T BaliCrem Azure Glitter Curious Black Stubby

? 7T Pandie Fawn Mercury Twinkle BooBoo

? 5T Foxie S&P OdyBurst MOF Latte Double Stubby
? 7T Foxie S&P OdyBel Puff ORBB Latte Dreamy
? 6T Foxie S&P OdyBel Rounded Fold Latte Double Stubby
? 9T Foxie S&P OdyBel Hide Blush Posh MOF Latte OFW
? 7T Foxie S&P OdyBel Twinkle MOF Black LightWave Hide Grotto Blush Dark Choc
? 9T Foxie S&P OdyBel Hide AbyDark ExoticBreeze Latte OFW
? 5T Foxie S&P OdyBel MOF Dreamy Whis Hide AbyDark ExoticBreeze
? 9T Foxie S&P GROTTO Blush Curious PSF

Come and take a look. Someone is waiting for you. All cats costs 250L each

[Image: 119.gif]

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