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Full Version: Bali Cream Hiding Scotty Fold!
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MirCats Main Store and at ScratchNPost!

6T Bali Cream Ody Boo Boo hiding Scotty Fold, Fussy Tail and Glitter!
7T Aussie LCM Hides Tapestry Reef, Puff, and Fussy Whiskers!
8T Bali Cream Hides MOF and OFW
9T Aussie Lilac hides MOF and Lite Dream or better!

8T Bengal Black Blush Quartz PSF BW Curious
6T Aby Dark Choc Jade, Swanky, PSF BW Curious
8T Bali Cream Porcelain, MOF - hides Choc OFW
Mardi Gras II - Fat Cat Girl

Plus a few more, stop over and take a look!
New kitties put out today!!
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