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Full Version: Scotty Fold
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Various Scotty Fold kitties available:

? 5T Box: Flame IV, MS Grape Ice, Natural, Genesis, Scotty Fold, 2 Tone B&W, Guitar
? 3T Box: Domino IV, CB Dry Olive, Natural, Curious, Scotty Fold, Silver, Guitar
? 6T Haille (37 days): Domino IV, MS Platinum, Flash, Genesis, Scotty Fold, White, Guitar TEACUP (hides Odyssey Bellini eyes, Blush shade, Posh or better tail)
? 5T Heather (22 days): Abyssinian Black Silver, CS Dry Olive, Natural, Frisky, Scotty Fold, Silver, Guitar
? 3T Akira (7 days): Domino IV, CB Grape Ice, Natural, Posh, Scotty Fold, Silver, Guitar
? 4T Lynzey (0 days): Domino IV, CS Genesis Water, Blush, Genesis, Scotty Fold, 2 Tone B&W, Guitar

I also have some live Scotty Fold hider boys that are not in the shop – contact me in world or here if you are interested in these little guys.

Also available: emeralds for just 1100 lindens each.

Your taxi: Rose's Kitties
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