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Full Version: Too Adorable Menagerie : Low Traited Kitties L@@king for HOMES!
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Too Adorable Kitties
Menagerie Kitty Tables
50L- 250L each

Kitties that make great pets!
Some Hidden Treasures!

? 5T ChatCat2Spot2 Malachite BigBB Myst
? 4T Snowshoe Cream Plush PSF Wh {Petite}
? 7T FoxieSP OdyBel Flair BB Ody1 Myst
? 7T FoxieSP RainPrm Twink MOF WhLightWave
? 8T Pandie Fawn Caram Twink BigBB Myst WhMyst
? 4T AustLightChoco CrystalClear Illume Frisky
? 7T BaliCream FDuskyDiam Myst Cur BlondeMyst
? 8T AbyBlue LtWash Myst Rnd WhMyst
? 6T GenCoco 3 RainPrim Blush MOF WhLightWave
? 4T AbyRuddy ChopChop WhiteGuitar
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