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Full Version: JuliaS KittieS - Summer Splash Time! New Kitties Arrived! Mega Menagerie Giraffe 4S!
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Hiya all! Welcome to my Kitty Page!

All Prices aren't final! You can offer me fair prices in IM.
All Pedigree Links should be activated. if you see any Cat without a Pedigree Link feel free to IM me and i will activate it.

Alle Preise in meinem Shop sind verhandelbar. Schickt mir einfach eine IM mit eurer fairen Preisvorstellung!
Alle Pedigree Links sind aktiviert. Falls eine Katze keinen aktivierten Link haben sollte IMed mich und ich aktiviere diesen nochmals.

Teleport: JuliaS KittieS at FelineS KittyCatS

????????????? Hot right now! (boxed)??????????????????

[Image: 3214101.png]
? La Girafe - Angolensis

[Image: a201992.png] [Image: p.php?08f831a0-c208453-27612] [Image: p.php?96eb23aa-1207704-27635]
??????? 5T TRANQUILITY??????? ??????? ? 5T PERF. TRANQUILITY ???????

[Image: 8203845.png] [Image: 3205965.png]
??????? 5T CHIC Tail??????? ??????? ? 6T CHIC Tai ???????

????????????? Spring Cleaning Sale - All prices for Live Cats reduced!??????????????????
[Image: 6195998.png][Image: 5198952.png][Image: 5192159.png][Image: f192873.png]
[Image: a187585.png][Image: e166883.png][Image: b205187.png]
Just arrived for you!

Fur: American Shorthair - Cream & White Tabby
Eyes: Tranquility (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Flair
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Mysterious
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Swanky)

[Image: d199600.png]
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