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? >c?????<D??S O? F?????S

Movie Trailer Out Now! Watch it here:

Be part of the Special Version of 7 DayS of FelineS! The Creepy Version! HalloWeen Collectors only! Sign up now at

W??? ?s ? D??S O? F?????S?
7 DayS Of FelineS is a FREE service for our Shop (200 Prim or more) TenantS at FelineS KittyCatS. Our TenantS sign up for this new Service. If it is their Turn they set up a KittyCat on the 7 DayS Podium infront of their Store. Our Team Member will provide a Texture with a 2D Cat & Stats on an extra page at our website including the pedigree, stats, a TP to the Store and information about hidden Traits. We advertise all cats and shops taking part in this project!

W?? C?? ????????????
Each Tenant with a Shop (200Prim or more) can participate. Sign Up here. We will get back to you as soon as possible so you can set up.

R???S ?? ???????????
  • You are a Tenant at FelineS KittyCatS
  • You have a 200+ Prim Shop
  • IF your KittyCat has been sold we kindly ask 10% Tip to the Publisher
Congrats to Malayaa, who sold her Blue Marble today! Thanks for being the first Tenant to try 7 DayS Of FelineS.

A new Day, a new kitty arrived! Have a look at todayS Tuesday Feline!
Soo happy 7 DayS of FelineS is back! Can't wait to see all of the amazing kitties!! Smile
so excited! will pick a cat for today! hope you will like it Big Grin

<3 Tija
For all you Edward & Bella addicted FolkS….and all blue loverS! TodayS Feline has been released and is available for you to purchase now! Have a look at TijaS stunning Bengal Black with Full Moon EyeS!
I'm a little Teacup *sing*
Friday Feline Is up For you! OMG! 9T Dry Olive on Aby Dark! Heart
:O SOLD! That was pretty fast! Sign up Now for Sunday and the next week:
*makes grabby hands* I so want that cat! Awesome Cat Crepe!
Congrats To Crepe who sold her Kittie right after the announcement! Make sure you grab one of the 2 available CatS! Sunday Kitty will follow around 1 PM tonight! Glad it's running that great till now! <3
Malayaa has brought us a full 9 Traited Australien Mist - Lilac Marble with Odyssey Cognac Wine Eyes! 2 New Traits is this awesome Kitty! Available for Sale NOW! Hurry Hurry...Cats sells fast Big Grin
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