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Full Version: Seeking 9T Male For Last Party For Beautiful 9T Female!
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Hello to all!!

I have a beautiful 9T female Black Bengal with Jade eyes approaching her 120 day retirement! She has time for one last kitten, but I don't have a suitable unpartnered live male for her.

Looking to mate her with a 9T male; traits don't matter much, but must be a 9T male who will be at 100% by the end of the week. I'd like to keep the kitten, for sentimental reasons more than anything, but compensation for your time can be discussed...or you can just do a favour for a fellow KittyCatS lover!

Please contact via PM, reply here, or IM me in world (guenevere.amaranth) to set up a date (should be at the end of this week).

*~ Guenevere
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