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Full Version: New Traits, Dry Olive Hiders and Lots More!
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Come see the new stock at Rose’s Kitties – some new traits for you to grab, including Crystal Berry and Malachite eyes, and Odyssey Rounded Boo Boo ears. Lots of recessive traits and some Dry Olive hiders! At the cart today we have:

Rainy DayDream Gold showing new Crystal Berry eyes under his costume
4T Flame IV with new Malachite eyes
Pandie Flame hiding Abysinnian Dark Chocolate, Blush, Exotic Breeze
2T Flame IV, hiding Dry Olive
Siamese Chocolate Tortie with Odyssey Bellini and Blush, hides Ex. Breeze and Dreamy
8T Bali Cream Lynx with Jade eyes, hides Blush
American Shorthair R&W Tabby with Grotto eyes
MEGAPUSS Russian White, Platinum eyes, Illume, Plush, Soft Fold, hides Blush
MEGAPUSS Rainy DayDream Gold special kitten, price now reduced!
TEACUP Smokey IV, hides Dry Olive
TEACUP Chateau Cream&White 1 with new Odyssey Rounded Boo Boo ears, hides Blush and Soft Curl

Plus many colours of Rainy DayDream boxed kittens still available, from 400L. One Rainbow girl left! There are some live RDDs as well, already up to 66% love and ready to give you a kitten soon.
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