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Full Version: Pandie Flame Recessiveness?
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Tad mentioned that Aussie choco light is recessive to Pandie Flame in an earlier so I realized that it also needs to be clarified.

Here is the info from Saga's charts

Pandie Flame is dominant to Ocicat Cinnamon Silver - more info please.

Which means it is located somewhere between Red Tabby and Ocicat Cinnamon Silver so that's close to a 40-fur spread. It would be good to narrow it down. If you have bred it to anything more dominant than Ocicat Cinnamon Silver, please post the pedigree.

thank you
Well we can take it one notch further, pandie flame is dominant to Russian Black

My starter hides Russian Black;
[Image: Pandieflamedomtorussianblack1-2.png]

Pandie Flame put with Starter produces Pandie Flame, only thing hiding behind the pandie flame could be the Starter's Russian Black fur

[Image: PandieFlamedomtoRussianBlack2-3.png]
This is great Malayaa.
Black Russian is dominant to Maine Coon so it has to come from the Advent kitty.
Pandie Flame to Advent shows Pandie Flame so Pandie Flame has to be dominant to Russian Black. (We all know if the Genesis fur was thrown we would see it)

So we have moved it down a little on the ladder of Dominance/recessiveness.

We need a few more charts, folks to nail this down.
Maybe these will help?

Pandie Flame is dominant to Coffee & Cream No. 1 or Ocicat - Ebony Silver..

[Image: a00deb23dc092728ee30c31932ba60be.png]

And also possibly Bengal Cooper (although it may have been Foxie S&P):

[Image: 82920d274638a633596313342780c0ae.png]
thank you, Grace. Every little bit helps. If you end up birthing either kitty, please post if the hidden fur was coffee or ebony silver; or on the second fur, if the fur was Bengal Copper or Foxie S&P. And congrats on replacing the Genesis Sunshine with Ody Bell on the baby, that was sweet uptraiting!
Just a recap because this affects Aussie Choco Light too

So far, we are showing Pandie Flame is dom to Black Russian. Has anyone any proof as to which furs it is recessive to so we can narrow it down some more.

Also 2 other bits of info

Two bits of information:

We have shown here Aussie lt choc is recessive to Pandie Flame.

Saga's chart has been updated to say this about Aussie choco light

Australian Mist - Light Chocolate Marble is recessive to Abyssinian Ruddy & dominant to Abyssinian Dark Chocolate -

Saga's chart now says

" Pandie Flame is dominant to Burmese Sable"

If anyone has charts of Pandie Flame and furs dominant to Burmese Sable, please post.
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