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Full Version: Collectors Cats
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Hi everyone I have a few collectors cats that I just can't keep, if they sat in my inventory I would feel bad and I don't have enough prims on my land to set them out.

These are all permapet. F&S Cloud Boy, Purr Balls - Green Girl and Love E Purple Boy. They are on bidboards at the moment but I can take them down if needed. Looking for around 1k each thanks for your time Smile
Been moved to my shop if anyone would like them.
Deviled cat also available same shop Smile
I am also selling a pair of rainy daydream cats, chartreuse girl and teal boy for 1k for the pair. They are currently at 64% love. Please IM me if interested.
F&S Cloud Boy, Purr Balls - Green Girl and Love E Purple Boy are gone. Deviled cat still available. Please IM to negotiate price.
Oh and the rainy daydream pair is still available. 1k 79% love. You'll need to IM me to grab these two they are in the cattery atm.
Deviled cat is on bidboard. Open bid.
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