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Full Version: Restocked !!! 450 Boxes 200L$ Each Due To Land Sale !!!
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This sale is due to the sale of my land, sale will only last as long as the land is still owned by myself.

Don't miss out these kitty are gorgeous and gorgeous traits to go with or hiding some great traits. Shame to sell at this price but need the room as new land is low prim count.

Come and check them out grab yourself a bargain today. Pedigree are enabled on most kitty, if you find one thats not and want to see it then please IM me in world.
*Bumps* Still lots of of great traited kitty left Smile

Thanks to all of you so far who have purchased some of these gorgeous cats, good luck with your breeding.
Restocked with the last of what i had left. Some gorgeous traits still left, wide selection of furs and traits.
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