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Full Version: Lonely Megapuss Gen girl looking for a boyfriend
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? Rayna
? 78 days ?? 100% ? 94% ? 64% ?? 1%
Fur: Genesis - Domino III
Eyes: Genesis Meadow (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Curious
Whiskers: White (Shape: Guitar)
Size: 183 cm (72.0 inch) - MegaPuss

All I want is a megapuss baby, you can keep the rest. she's been at 100% love for a while but I just dont have a mate for her, since he retired, and not enough Lindens to get her one nor feed him, since I am trying to get my kittycats count down. They've been eating me out of house and home Tongue
[Image: Tu1c7DW.png]
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