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Full Version: Full Moon with Frazzled whiskers and ody cognac moon
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I have this beauty up on a Too Adorable bidboard. Min bid is only 1k and it's only for 24 hours.
Pedigree link is enabled.
? New Born Kitten

Fur: Genesis - Flame IV
Eyes: Full Moon (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Porcelain
Tail: Mysterious
Ears: Mysterious
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Frazzled)
Size: Normal

Ody Cognac Moon up on bidboard # 38 min bid 500L only a day to bid!

Fur: Chateau Cat - Cream & White No. 2
Eyes: Odyssey Cognac Moon (Curious|Small)
Shade: Flash
Tail: Plush
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: Silver (Guitar)
Size: Normal
updated frst post!
Only a few hours left.
only a few hours left
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