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Full Version: TWO New Stores for Katman Purrfection - Bargains!
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Thanks to some amazing customers and friends, I've been able to open up TWO new stores for Katman Purrfection.

The new stores are at United Kitty Friends, and the new Kittybox location at Too Adorable.

Here's some of the choices at the stores :-

**Bengal Blacks - Jade - Grotto - Blush Quartz - MOF

**Foxie - Soft Black, S&P Mask, Blondie

**Chateau Coffee & Cream, Pink, Cocoa & White 2, Black & White!

**Russian Black/White - Passion - Blush Quartz

**Siamese Choc Tortie - Bronze - Fancies - More!

**Balinese Cream/Seal Lynx

**Pandi Brown & White/Fawn + Many others!!

All prices are negotiable and we offer bulk discounts - please IM before purchase.
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