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Full Version: Halloween Sale!
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Come visit my special halloween sale store!

Regular Kittycats starting at 50L 4-8T no cat over 150L!

Halloween Collection cats:
FrankenKitty (2012) Blue Bone Girl and Gold Yeller Boy (Will make Vamp Of The Dead if opened and bread together!)

Mummy Mia! (2012) Pair of Pumpkin Puke and Bound Blue Girl and Petrified Pink Boy (each set will make FrankenPire if opened and bread together!)

FULL SET HeLL-O-Kitteh (2013) Priced individually (19500) will accept 13K for set! (If male(s) opened and bread with female(s) will make either SuperCatS! - Captain Invincible or SuperCatS! - The Boss)

Silly SpOOkS (2013) - Trippy pair & Skelebow (Trippy pair will make HeLL-O-Kitteh! - Heartless if opened and bread together!)

SuperCatS! (2013) - Dynamic Divas - Orange & Danger Dudes - Purple & SuperCatS! - Captain Invincible ( Diva and Dude Will make Silly SpOOkS! - Skelebow if opened and bread together!)

Here is your ride to super savings!!!
Silly SpOOkS! Trippy pair SOLD!

What will you buy before it's gone????
I am interested in the skeleton. How much are you selling it for? You can IM me inworld, or leave me a PM here. I am really interested. And the supercats, how much are they? And the Frankenstein Kitty and mummy Mia too. I have a friend who might be interested.
Still lots of deals left including some new 50L kittys, i cleard out my stash !
Still some CrAzY good deals to be had, come take a peek!
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