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Full Version: IvyCat Sale
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It's time for the End of Year clearance. I have been breeding for one year and
ALL cats are now marked down to 200L.

A wide variety of furs including:

AbyCinnamons. Snowshoe Chocolate and Cream. Siamese Chocolates. OciCat Ebony Silver with Tapestry eyes. Foxie Salt and pepper. Charcoal bengals with swanky and wavy whiskers. Wild tiger ears and hiders.
Many SoftCurl ear hiders.

3 locations:

If you have any questions regarding pedigrees, IM Ivy Norsk.
This is Mimi Boheme. She's one of my AbyCinnamons hiding SoftCurl ears. She is not for sale, but her kids are.

[Image: 17u88g.jpg]
This is Radcliffe. He is for sale. 35 days old, and hides Ody Bellini eyes. I know you've seen cats like him before, but that is because they are so useful.

[Image: r79lqf.jpg]

Fur: Snowshoe - Cream
Eyes: Apple (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Twinkle
Tail: Mysterious
Ears: Mysterious Odyssey Fold
Whiskers: White (Shape: Mysterious)
Size: 48 cm (18.8 inch)
This is Tarascon. Please note the 2 tone black and white Swanky whiskers. His siblings are on sale. Most have wavy whiskers and may or may not be hiding swanky, but there's one showing swanky available for the sale price. Big Grin

[Image: 34yxnd1.jpg]
This is Chamanoix. He is 37 days old and for sale. 7T and hiding the other two, plus an MOF ear.

[Image: 2ahgzzr.jpg]

Fur: Snowshoe - Cream
Eyes: Odyssey Bellini (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Mysterious
Ears: Pointed Soft Fold
Whiskers: White (Shape: Mysterious)
Size: 49 cm (19.2 inch)
This is Debussy. He has a posh tail and rounded fold ears hiding MOF. His children are on sale. I would personally try breeding some of his kids together.

[Image: 5peuzd.jpg]
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