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Full Version: 50% OFF SALE!! BIG OPENING @JUDY'S
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Judy's 9T Kitten Store moved out!

Thats right we moved to a bigger better store, amazing view, mega kitties everywhere.

And to share this amazing moment with everyone we are having a big 50% off sale in all our amazing kitties*

*menagerie tigers not included

If you are looking for a special mega, old collection, new collection, live cats, special traits & more enjoy this amazing 50% off sale!!

The price is not set on the boxes so just let us know so we can set it for you Big Grin

Here is some amazing KittyCatS! Colelctions available at the store!
50% off sale!!

Dont wait more and have fun with our amazing 50% off sale and come take a look at this amazing store,

Teleport here:
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