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Full Version: Chateau Cat - Coffee & Cream No. 1 with Light wave whiskers!
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and lot more nice traits you can find:

The Chateau Cat - Coffee & Cream No. 1 hides also Posh tail

*Main Coone with vampire ears and Odyssey Kaleidoscope Eyes, and Hides Mysterious Odyssey Fold
** Maine Coon - Plush Calico Washed with Royal Sapphire and hides Tapestry Organica Eyes , Mysterious Odyssey Fold ears,

*Balinese - Seal Lynx with Tapestry Reef Eyes
*Balinese - Cream Lynx with Tapestry eyes

*Foxie - Salt & Pepper Mask hides Odyssey Bellini eyes

*Balinese - Cream Lynx hides Blush Quartz
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