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Full Version: Kitties Now Available @ Skippy's Place
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? American Shorthair - Brown & White Patch Blush Quartz Myst. Eye Flair Tiger Curl Tail Soft Fold Ear White Plush Whiska's

? American Shorthair - Tawny & White Tabby Odyssey Bellini Myst. Small Eye Glitter Tiger Curl Tail Soft Fold Ear White Myst. Whiska

? Chateau Cat - Black & White No. 2 Ice Crystal Myst. Small Eye Illume Shae Rounded Ear Chocolate Light Wave Whiskas

? American Shorthair - Tawny Tabby Odyssey Dream Curious Small Eye Myst. Tail Foxie Ears White Plush Whiska

? Foxie – Auburn - Crystal Clear Mysterious Eye Porcelain Frisky Tail Odyssey No. 2 Ear 2 Tone Black & White Frazzled Whiska

Plus Many more available !
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