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Full Version: Costume Cats Fire Sale - From UNDER L$500 - Everything must go!
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Includes LoVe BeeS!, CookieCats, SnowStorms, Scrambled EggS!, Wild FlowerS! -- and MORE...

I have a collection of live costume cats I need to sell.

Putting them out from L$500 each as some need feeding.

As a bonus some have nice collars, crowns and other clothes included. Others don't. But you won't know until you buy them as they are all in low prim mode!

(BTW any original clothing that may have come with the cat, antennae, etc, are all intact and will be present in their menus.)

All the cats I currently have on sale are rezzed out in the porch of my home, so feel free to tp over and take a look.

At the moment I have out a selection including LoVe BeeS!, CookieCats, SnowStorms, Scrambled EggS!, Wild FlowerS!,

But as I go through my inventory I will be adding MORE Costume and limited edition cats, so keep checking back over the next days...

- Katie
I have put out more Costume Cats and reduced some of the others - starting at L$399

There are also Boxed cats starting at L$99

I will also be adding more, including some BOXED Costume cats over the next few days - also at fire sale prices.

See previous post for LM.

Everything must go!

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