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Full Version: New Clearance Boxed Kittens! ((NO LONGER AVAILABLE))
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((all carry 9T parent unless noted))

2 Bali Cream STarry baby Blues Males - 8T PURE

Boxed M/F Pair Russian Blue - Platinum - 8T P

? Russian Blue - Ody Dream - 7T P

? Chateau 3 Spot 2 - Ody Sorbet - 7T P (does not carry/hide 9T parents)

? Bali Flame Starry Baby Blue 8T P

? Bali Flame Starry BB - 8T P (8T parents, 1 9T grandparent, both sides)

? Burm Champ Mocha 8T Mix

? ASH Cream White Caramel 8T P

?, ? Snowshoe Lilac Azure - Normal & Teacup size - 8T mix (SIBLINGS)


Customer satisfaction guarantee.
Hundreds of boxed and live kittens to choose from!

Teleport here:
Judy's 9T Kitten Store
Please remember all of the cats on this thread will be sent to the menagerie on Friday, May 30th.

New additions!!

Chateau 3 Spot 1 - Tapestry Harvest - Flair, Chop Chop, Soft Fold 8T PURE Female!

Chateau Coffee & Cream 1 - Apple - Ody No. 1 ear - 2 Tone Black & White BIGGER DE BIG! Smile 6T Female!
New addition:
? American Shorthair - Cream & White Tabby - Caramel - twinkle - Odyssey No. 1 ears - Curious shape whisker 8T PURE
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