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Full Version: 9T Gacha
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Over the past year Skippy and I have been involved in many specific projects. We have worked on a range of project in which we had very specific goals. Often we would obtain a lovely nine-trait box but we were unable to use it as it simply did not match the specifications of our goals.

We have decided to place all our special nine trait kittens into a gacha and sell them off cheaply at our art studio, on the Vygg sim.

If you would like an excellently priced special box, with nine traits, please do pop along to our secondary shop at Vygg and try your luck. We would both be very pleased if they went to a loving home.

The Nine-Trait Gacha

Of course, our main Vampire Kitten shop on Vygg remains open as usual and stocks a range of lovely Russian black-furred, vampire-eared kittens – all with the most stunning passion-coloured eyes.

Vampire Kitties Shop

We look forward to seeing you there, if you want to browse.
You both are just so adorable. Smile
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