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Full Version: BLACK FRIDAY SALES @ FelineS KittyCatS! (currently not active)
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While it might be only our American friends that get to have lots of turkey on Thanksgiving (jealous!) we can all take advantage of the Black Friday Sim Wide Sale!

Starting at 12.01 am (SLT) on the 28th November all the stores with the Black Friday Sale sign out will have reduced KittyCatS prices!

Not only do KittyCatS buyers get a great deal but our renters can also get 50% off rent box prices for 24 hours (max rental time is 12 weeks) so now is the time to stock up your rental time at this reduced price or start your very own KittyCatS store!

Stormy will be having her Friday Auction at 11 am SLT which will be full of SpecialS!

Ruby will be on the raffle for only 69L per ticket and there will be KittyCatS trivia and lots of awesome prizes for you to win. We plan to have lots of fun and everyone is invited!

We can't wait to see you down here for our Black Friday Sim Wide Sale!

We Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
FelineS KittyCatS Team

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"gKAT" Garance Kidd
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"JuliaS KittieS" Julia Merosi
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"De Miez by Pea" Perine Resident
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"Dark Angel" Miza & Lokhe Verlack
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"Robbie's Kitties" RobbieJunior Resident
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NOW! If this are not good Prices call me Crappolino! <3 Pea & lots of FUN!
"...prepare Trivia: CHECK"
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